What is the longest a person has survived while adrift at sea?

438 days. That is how long José Salvador Alvarenga was adrift at sea before he finally hit land. This is the longest anybody has ever survived such an ordeal. Being adrift is a terrifying experience.

Do you ever feel adrift?

These days, many feel like they are adrift as the crises pile up. First it was the pandemic; then the economic woes; then widespread rioting. Many anxiously wonder what will be next.

When sailing, the best way to keep from drifting away is having a good anchor. The same holds true when the storms of life hit. And God has given us such an anchor!

This week we will look at the sure and steadfast anchor God has given us.


 Read Hebrews 6. As you read, consider:

  1. What is impossible for God?
  2. What is the anchor of the soul?

Where do you turn in times of trouble?

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Additional Questions You Might Have


Is Jesus a good example for my life?

One of the lesser emphasized biblical truths is that Jesus lived a perfect life, not just to give us an example of a godly life, but also to fulfill all righteousness for us.


Does God have a case against me?

Will you be declared “not guilty”? How can we be sure of our status?


How can I be sure I’ll avoid outer darkness?

Some people will say that they are physically healthy because they feel good. But a doctor wouldn’t base his answer just on how a person felt. He would give them a thorough check-up.