In the 1970’s, a teen boy found an old Frankenstein movie poster in a theater undergoing renovation. He kept it in his workshop for decades until deciding to sell it on Craigslist. To his great surprise, the bidding soon reached $50,000.  Eventually, he put it up for auction where it sold for over $350,000.

Every once in a while, we hear of somebody not being aware of a treasure they possess.

What happens only occasionally with possessions, happens quite frequently spiritually—especially regarding God himself. Many people have a far too low view of him.

Simply put, God is incredible, greater than anything we can even imagine. It’s impossible to grasp how great he is. Countless people, however, don’t see this. And we can be easily influenced by them. Therefore, all week we will look at a few aspects of God’s greatness. Even then, we will barely scratch the surface. But hopefully it will expand how you think of God.

We begin today by seeing that God is completely different from us. He is unique, in a class all by himself. He makes this claim in Isaiah 45:5.

“I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me.”

Isaiah 45:5

God doesn’t differ from us just because he has progressed further than we have. He’s not an exalted man. He’s a completely different Being. “There is none else” like him.

God is one of a kind.

This fact alone means there will be many things about him we won’t be able to understand. He is on a completely different plane than we are. We need to see this before anything else. It affects how we think of him and relate to him. This should fill us with awe and wonder.

Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect on many people. It frustrates them. Many want a God they can totally understand. So, they shrink their image of him. But a God who we can understand is not much of a God. And such a God is not real. It is a nothing but a figment of human imagination.

The one true God is unique, in a class by himself.

He is truly awe-inspiring—something we will see more and more this week.

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