Day 5 — Anchor for Your Soul: The Key to Joyous, Certain Hope

Do you ever think you have to do all you can before you will be saved?

All week, we’ve been looking at the sure, steadfast and living hope that God has given us as an anchor for our souls.

Are you ever uncertain where you stand with God?

Do you ever think you have to do all you can before you will be saved? Have you been tempted to give up, thinking there is no way you will ever live eternally with God?

God doesn’t want you to have any of these thoughts. He wants you to live in the sure hope that Jesus has separated you from your sins as far as the east is from the west.

“As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us”

Psalm 103:12

He wants you to be certain you will live eternally with him because Jesus has done everything to qualify you.

God wants you to be filled with joyous, certain hope.

The key is focusing on what Jesus has done for you. Focus on his work, not your work. Trust it. Believe it. Do this and you will not go adrift even when the storms of life rage.

For Further Reading:

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In Christ, you are

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Additional Questions You Might Have


Does James 2:24 teach that works are necessary for salvation?

James 2:24 seems to clearly state that works play a part in a person’s salvation. But context is critical.


How can I be sure I’ll avoid outer darkness?

Some people will say that they are physically healthy because they feel good. But a doctor wouldn’t base his answer just on how a person felt. He would give them a thorough check-up.


Is there anything missing from the Old Testament?

Jesus put his stamp of approval on the Old Testament in a striking way. This can give us tremendous comfort.