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Our FREE, 4-lesson scripture study identifies your pain, shares the cure, and provides a treatment plan for what living a life of freedom, forgiveness, and peace can look like for you.

We are all carrying something.

Weariness from the treadmill of life, isolation and loneliness from feeling like we don’t belong, anxiety over what might happen to us and those we love in the end, bitterness from failing to forgive, or tension from having forgiveness withheld from us.

You'll receive:

  • 4 lessons that each identify a symptom of pain, share a cure and treatment plan straight from Scripture
  • Discover what living a life of freedom, forgiveness and peace can look like for you
  • BONUS: Check your email for a special invitation to learn more about God's love for you!

Free Scripture Study

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What others are saying

I was mixed up in works-based religion for years. This helps me enjoy the gift of grace and frees me from expecting myself to be perfect.

— Danica