“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)

These words of Jesus are so important. They set the standard for being acceptable to Heavenly Father.

Unfortunately, many people don’t take Jesus’ words as seriously as they should.

Jesus’ words can easily cause people to despair when they come to the realization that the standard to be acceptable before God is to be perfect. This means to be without sin.

Not only that, but Jesus calls on us to be perfect right now. Not years. Not centuries. But right now.

Would you believe that despair is the reaction Jesus is hoping for from us? He wants us to despair of trying to attain perfection ourselves. For only when we realize that we will never reach perfection – that it is far beyond our abilities to attain – that we will be open to the amazing scriptural truth that we can be perfect right now in Christ.

It’s true. Right now.

Through Jesus perfection, we can be worthy in God’s sight. That is the relief that Jesus desires for each of us.

This is the message we want to share with you.


We encourage you to take the time to carefully read the articles below. Because the stakes couldn’t be higher. There are severe consequences for those who do not meet God’s standards. The sobering truth is that anybody who is not perfect will suffer eternally in outer darkness.

The good news from the Bible is that God has provided an answer. Those who are perfect in Christ will avoid the consequences of imperfection and will spend a wonderful eternity living with Heavenly Father.

We want you to know this eternal truth. We desire for you to receive this knowledge. You can have total peace, complete assurance, and perfect joy by being perfect in Christ. Right now.

We know that Jesus’ words are important. He now asks us to take him at his word and trust that his promises are true.


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