“I Just Can’t Wait!”

Our hearts look forward with anticipation to many blessings from God. How sad it would be if you already had a blessing but didn’t realize it?

“I just can’t wait!” Children are often excited for special events. I remember one of my boys had just celebrated his birthday and he asked when his next birthday would be. I explained that it would be over 11 months away and he said, “I just can’t wait!” I’ve noticed that “I just can’t wait” feeling about birthdays, isn’t quite as common as people become older.

The family is planning to explore a new destination for their vacation. “I just can’t wait!” The couple looks forward to their wedding or, sometime later, to their first child. “I just can’t wait!” Our hearts look forward with anticipation to many blessings from God.

How sad it would be if you already had a blessing but didn’t realize it?

Imagine, for example, you have a huge stack of bills that you don’t know how you’re going to pay. It’s a constant source of anxiety every time you look at them. One day, you stop avoiding them and take a closer look. You notice the first one has already been paid. You begin paging through the next. It’s paid as well. You make your way through the entire stack to find you don’t owe anything. They are all paid in full. You have been worried all this time for nothing.

Some people think of God’s forgiveness and think, “I just can’t wait!” They hope to have it someday. But God paints a different picture. The Bible, describing all kinds of blessings we have in Jesus, says:

“In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.”

Ephesians 1:7

Did you notice the tense? It doesn’t say forgiveness is something you hope for in the future. No, it says we have the forgiveness of sins right now. Forgiveness isn’t something we have to wait for. Through Jesus, we already have it.

So, celebrate what you already have.

Look forward to what is to come. Through faith in Jesus, you have forgiveness now. Because of that, you can say, “I just can’t wait!” as you confidently look forward to living eternally with Heavenly Father.


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