The Worst Catastrophe Ever

Fewer things have affected all parts of the world more than the current pandemic. There has been one catastrophe, however, which has been much worse.

Fewer things have affected all parts of the world more than the current pandemic. Even research teams in Antarctica follow social distancing rules even though no cases have been reported there.

There has been one catastrophe, however, which has been much worse: Adam and Eve’s fall into sin.

It’s recorded in Genesis 3. I would encourage you to read it as I will refer to it in the coming days. It would also be good to look at Romans 5:12-19 because it gives the best scriptural analysis of the Fall.

Today we look at Romans 5:12:

“Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned.”

“Death passed upon all men”.  This is the tragic result of the Fall. Talk about a world-wide pandemic! Death touches absolutely everybody. It has crawled into every nook and cranny of our world. Being isolated on Antarctica won’t spare you. Living in the deepest part of the Amazon rain forest won’t save you. Death comes to all.

Death comes to all—in all generations. Even though the Spanish Flu killed millions a 100 years ago, it ran its course. Nobody worries about it any longer. But this isn’t the case with the pandemic of death. The tragic results of the Fall continue to ravage the world to this day. It doesn’t matter where or when you live. It’s going to get you.

Neither does it matter what age you are. It reaches even into a mother’s womb and causes babies to be stillborn.

There is no question about it. The Fall is the worst catastrophe to ever hit humanity.

In the coming days, we will continue to look at the tragic results of the Fall. This is a sobering but necessary exercise. Otherwise, we won’t see its full impact.

Romans 5 also reports that God has produced an antidote in Jesus—something we will also look at it.

Until then, take a few minutes to think about your death. Are you prepared for it? It’s a question which haunts many people. But it doesn’t have to haunt you.

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