4 Key Biblical Concepts

Sin | Grace | Faith | Works

The Bible contains the four concepts of sin, grace, faith, and works on almost every page. Having a correct understanding of these is necessary to grasp what the Bible teaches about God's loving relationship with humanity.

Watch the videos below to learn more about these 4 key concepts and why they matter.

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We all make mistakes. But are seemingly harmless lies and thoughts the same as big sins like murder or adultery? How does Heavenly Father really judge our transgressions?

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Our sins leave us helpless, separated from God. But God loves you so much, that he sent his Son, Jesus, for you. Understand the true gospel or good news of Jesus.

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How can we be sure that Jesus is enough on Judgment Day? Heavenly Father has given us the gift of His Word.

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Many believe that to live with Heavenly Father forever, they must prove themselves worthy through good works. But that relationship is out of order. Find out why.

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