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Is God’s Best Achieved or Received?

How do you get God’s best? People have wrestled with this question down through the ages with good reason. Everything rests on the answer.


God’s Comforting Promises

The most important promise God gave us was to save us, fulfilled in Jesus. But God’s promises don’t stop there.


You Can Look Forward to a True Transformation

Some look for a restoration. God has planned for you a true transformation!


You Have Hope Even in Darkness

Job, Joseph, and Jeremiah are biblical examples of how to have hope even when life is hard.


You Have God’s Presence

Through your faith relationship, you are assured of God’s presence. What does it mean to have God’s presence?


You Have Joy in Jesus

Joy isn’t threatened during times of trouble. Joy is selfless. Joy runs deep and lasts eternally because it comes from a source outside ourselves. True joy is only found in Jesus.


You Have the Fruit of the Spirit

Some mistakenly think they can look within themselves and produce the fruit of the Spirit. Yet, they are the fruit of the Spirit because God was actively involved in every step of the way.


You Have Contentment in Christ

What is the secret to contentment?


You Have a New Identity in Christ

How do you identify spiritually? As a sinner or a saint?


Which Covenant is the Most Important?

Are you faithfully walking the covenant path?

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