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The Standard of Perfection

The standard to which we are measured is Heavenly Father himself.


What is the Purpose of God’s Law?

God’s law serves as his standard for access into his presence. We must be holy to live eternally with Heavenly Father. How can we do this?


Can a Loving God Send Someone to Hell?

Some would like to believe hell could not exist if God is loving. On the contrary, hell exists because of God’s love. What does this mean?


What is Sin?

No one likes to admit they’re wrong, so it’s natural to diminish sin or make comparisons to others who “sin more.” Learn what really matters about our sin.


Where Did Sin Come From?

Who is to blame for sin in the world? Learn why God created the world, even though he knew sin would be a part of it.


Does God keep an account of my sins?

Scientists say the deepest part of the ocean is over 39,000 feet down which translates to about eight miles down. That’s a long way down.


Are there different levels of sin?

Does God punish some sins more than others?


If God Has Forgiven Me, Why Do I Still Feel Guilty?

Guilt is much deeper than a feeling; it is a verdict. Because of Jesus’ atonement, the Bible describers believers as “justified.”


Does God’s forgiveness give us a license to sin?

A common response to the teaching that forgiveness is God’s gift is the thought that this then gives people the license to sin all the more. But Scripture doesn’t support that argument.


How Serious is Sin?

Are some sins more serious than others? All sin creates a spiritual death, or separation, in our relationship with God. But there is hope.

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