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From in-depth Scripture studies to printables and phone wallpapers, we have a library of tools to help you grow in your understanding of Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the Gospel.

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In Christ, I am...

Bible verses to remind you of who you are because of Jesus Christ.

6 Scriptures to Get You through the Day

Bible verses to encourage you when you feel down.

Where to Turn Scripture References

Where to turn in Scripture for help in times of trouble.

Scripture Studies

Faithful & Just to Forgive

Do you long to know you're forgiven? Start right here.

Handbook for Healing

Do you feel unworthy? Discover Heavenly Father's love for you.

Topical Resources

A Guide to Key Biblical Terms

Our guide explains complicated Biblical terms, like atonement, repentance, and grace, with simple, easy-to-understand definitions.

Jesus Came For Us

5 Scriptures that explain why Jesus came to earth and what it means for us.

Jesus' Double Sacrifice

Gain a better understanding of Jesus' life and what it means for you.

What Does the Bible Say About Temples?

Learn more about the biblical concept of the temple and its significance in Old Testament times and today.

The Tabernacle: God's Wilderness Classroom

Explore the elements of the Old Testament tabernacle and the lessons we can learn from them for today.

A Guide to Finding a Church Home

Explore what the Bible has to say about what to look for in a church home.

Phone Wallpapers


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