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The Story of How God Keeps on Giving

How do you view God?

As a stern judge? As your best friend?

As a tireless taskmaster? As a distant deity?

As a tolerant grandfather?

These are just a few of many possibilities. There is no question that many different views of God abound. But hardly, if ever, is God described as a humanitarian.

Dictionaries define a humanitarian as someone who helps people even to the point of saving their lives. From beginning to end, this is how the Bible describes God!

Even though he is vastly superior to us, he tirelessly works for humanity from the moment of creation to the world’s last day. Most importantly, in the person of Jesus Christ, he perfectly planned and executed the most extraordinary humanitarian rescue mission of all time. God is the Ultimate Humanitarian.

In this Bible study, you will take a walk through the Bible from the viewpoint of God as the great giver. As you hear about and see all the different ways he has given great gifts, you will learn to appreciate more and more God—The Ultimate Humanitarian.

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