Lesson 16: A Humanitarian by Giving Us His Supper

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Study Guide Pages 123-130

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Read Matthew 26:17-30.

The institution of the Lord’ Supper tool place while Jesus and his disciples were observing the Passover Meal, a yearly reminder of their need for a perfect savior.

Read and study the following quotes from “A Humanitarian by Giving Us Saving Faith,” chapter 16 of God—The Ultimate Humanitarian.

Think of a time when you sinned against a loved one. You felt terrible. You begged for their forgiveness. And they forgave you. Was that the last time you mentioned it to them? I highly doubt it. More than likely you apologized repeatedly. You needed to hear them reassuring you all was good. It’s not easy letting go of guilt. Guilt can superglue itself to our consciences. It can permeate and contaminate every waking thought. It often takes more than one word of forgiveness to erase it. The Lord knows this. That is why he has filled the Bible with clear statements assuring us we are completely forgiven in Christ. Sometimes, however, we need even more. Think of the added comfort we receive when the person we have wronged not only tells us they have forgiven us, but then accompanies those words with a warm hug. In a way, his supper is how God hugs us and tells us we are forgiven. In biblical times, sharing a meal was a significant act of fellowship. This is why the Pharisees were shocked when Jesus ate with “sinners.” By inviting us to his table, the Lord is reassuring us that all is good between him and us.

God—The Ultimate Humanitarian, 112

Jesus signed and sealed the new covenant with his own blood. Our eyes see the bread and wine. Our hands touch it. Our mouths taste it. In this most intimate way, Jesus impresses upon each participant that his blood has cleansed them – that they are forgiven. “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins” (Matthew 26:28, my emphasis). His supper is a most precious gift from God. Participation in it is not about me sending a message to God. Or about renewing my covenant with God. It’s not about what I do at all. It’s all about Jesus confirming for me, in a most wonderful way, that his new covenant of forgiveness applies personally to me.

God—The Ultimate Humanitarian, 116

More Questions to Consider

  1. What messages are being communicated in the Lord’s Supper? By those receiving it? By God?
  2. Why does God invite us to his table in the sacrament?
  3. What is the significance of Christ’s body and blood in the sacrament?
  4. God offers forgiveness through his Word, why does he offer it in the Lord’s Supper as well?

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