We’ve probably all heard of sad situations where people ignored their symptoms and were determined to get well by their own strength. Tragically, by the time they turn to the doctors, their sickness or cancer has progressed too far, and it’s too late.
One of Jesus’ disciples, Matthew, was a tax collector. In that day, they were known for cheating people and taking much more than was needed. Jesus asked Matthew to follow him, and Matthew was so delighted that he threw a big dinner party. But the religious leaders couldn’t believe it.

How could someone from God like Jesus sit among sinners like Matthew?

At that moment, Jesus gave us a really important lesson. “Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick” (Luke 5:31). Matthew knew he wasn’t perfect. He realized he would be lost without Jesus. He was sick with sin, and Jesus was the only doctor who had the cure.
But the religious leaders thought they were pretty good on their own. Sadly, they didn’t understand just how sick they were. They didn’t think they needed Jesus.
Let me share two quick lessons:

We’re not told to wait and heal ourselves and then come to Jesus. No. People who are sick go to the one who can heal them.

That leads to the second point:

Are you sick? Have you acknowledged that you have sin, that you can’t heal yourself and, like Matthew, you would be lost without Jesus?

If not, if you’re still trying to heal yourself, I just plead with you to turn to him before it’s too late. But if you know you’re sick, turn to the doctor, Jesus.

Hear him, our Great Physician, and trust in him alone for the cure.


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