Is this what you believe?

When we rely entirely on what Jesus did for us, God sees us as perfect.

All week we have looked at perfection. It’s a vitally important topic so it would be worthwhile to do some recapping.

#1 Jesus commanded us to be perfect in Matthew 5:48

Jesus commanded us to be perfect in Matthew 5:48 not because he thought we could keep it. Instead, he wanted to show us we couldn’t! That’s one of the main reasons God gave commands.

“By the law is the knowledge of sin”

Romans 3:20

God’s commands are like a mirror. As we study them, we see how sinful we really are.

#2 It’s because he loves us that Jesus forces us to confront our sinfulness.

He knows we won’t trust completely in him until we see how helpless we are. The first step to being saved is abandoning any and all effort to save ourselves.

#3 Jesus came to be perfect for us.

He kept all the commandments and gave us the credit. He paid for all our sins with his death. Jesus did absolutely everything to save us. There is nothing left for us to do. In fact, any thought of our still having to do something calls into question Jesus’ sacrifice for us and dishonors him.

#4 When we rely entirely on what Jesus did for us, God sees us as perfect.

Friends, is this what you believe? 

Are you confident that right now God sees you as totally worthy, as perfect because of Jesus?

We pray that this is how you see yourself. There is no greater joy and comfort in all the world. No longer do you have to worry or wonder if you did enough. There’s no doubt because all has already been done!

If you have questions or just need somebody to talk with, let us know. We are here for you.


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