Direct Access

Ultimately, everyone wants access to God. Some claim it’s easy, yet people have been trying down through the ages.


What will heaven be like?

Who will be in heaven? How can we be sure we have a place in heaven?


Why should I read the Old Testament?

After all, hasn’t the Old Testament been surpassed by the New? Isn’t it just full of stories from long ago?


It’s Not About Who You Are but What You Wear

How do we gain entrance into God’s presence?


The Terrifying Punishment of Outer Darkness

Jesus stresses is God’s white-hot anger with anybody who refuses his gift of the wedding garment.


Wedding Garments Are Essential

Imagine what an honor it was to be invited by the king to his son’s wedding. For most people, it would be one of the highlights of their entire life!


A Story About a Wedding

Jesus often used parables to teach important lessons.


The Standard of Perfection

The standard to which we are measured is Heavenly Father himself.


God’s Knockout Punch

Did Jesus really mean we need to be perfect right now? How is this possible?


Day 3 — Anchor for Your Soul: A Sure Anchor

Even the strongest anchor will do us no good if it isn’t anchored in firm ground.

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