Take Off the Mask

People wear masks to be someone else. They try to cover up and hide their flaws. In its place they present another image in the pursuit of love.

We love to wear masks. It starts as children dress up as princesses and superheroes. It continues as adolescents seek the acceptance of their peers and parents. Some adults project the mask more than their true self.

People wear masks to be someone else. They try to cover up and hide their flaws. In its place they present another image in the pursuit of love.

Unfortunately, it’s not the true you.

Masks create barriers. Any love for our masked self remains artificial. This is sad in personal relationships. It is tragic in our relationship with God.

The Pharisees in Jesus’ day worked hard to be accepted by God. On the outside they exemplified godly living. They went above and beyond God’s expectations. The people were amazed at their piety. God wasn’t. Jesus describes them as “hypocrites,” literally those wearing a mask (Matthew 23). He knew their hearts. They couldn’t truly experience the love and acceptance they were seeking until they took off the mask.

It can be easy to see the masks of others. It is often more difficult to identify our mask in the mirror. We become so accustomed to wearing a mask that we are no longer aware of it.

Yet, God’s amazing love extends behind the mask! Scripture teaches:

But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us

Romans 5:8

The verse shares some amazing truths.

First, there is no point in wearing a mask because God sees behind it anyway. Second, notice when God showed this amazing love: “while we were still sinners.” We didn’t have to make ourselves worthy of his love. In spite of what he sees, Heavenly Father showed the greatest possible love. The verse ends: “Christ died for us.” This means Heavenly Father’s wrath for our sin is removed and we now can be assured of God’s love and acceptance (Romans 5:9).

If you ever feel like God wouldn’t love your true self, then reread the passage above. He knows the real you and still loves you. This means you can take off the mask!

His love is based on his actions, not ours. If you’re ready to experience the fullness of God’s love, then take off the mask. He doesn’t want there to be any barrier to his love.

It takes tremendous courage to be honest with God and finally take off the mask. It means trusting in his forgiving love rather than our own efforts. When you do, you’ll discover the love you’re so desperately seeking is already yours in Christ.  

For Further Study

  1. Have I tried to put on a good face in my pursuit of God’s love?
  2. Are there areas of my life I’m trying to hide from God for fear of losing his love?
  3. Do I believe that Heavenly Father’s love extends behind the mask?
  4. Read 1 John 1:8-9 to learn more about how to take off the mask.
  5. If you’re ready to take off the mask and experience the fullness of God’s love, contact us here.

In Christ, you are

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