Of Redemption

Jesus came to be our redeemer – to free us from what harms us, to release us from the debt of our sin. Discover what this redemption has looked like in the lives of others.


Mary’s Story

Blessed Because of Her Son & Savior


Bathsheba’s Story

Beloved of the Lord


Ruth’s Story

Refuge Under His Wings


Rahab’s Story

From the Wall of Shame to the Hall of Fame


Tamar’s Story

The Tragic Tale of “the Righteous” Prostitute


Wrecked & Redeemed: Out of Place Ornaments on Jesus’ Family Tree

These are the stories of five women scattered, like out-of-place ornaments on a Christmas tree, on Jesus’ family tree, as chronicled in the Matthew 1 genealogy.


Susan’s Story: The blessing of recognizing my failure.

This is the story of a woman who discovers how her failures open her heart to the mystery of Heavenly Father’s unfathomable love.


Brenda’s Story: God helps those who cry out for help.

The following article is written as a story about a woman, Brenda, who was constantly trying to achieve worthiness and approval in her life, and the struggles she faced.

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