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Gospel Topics

Learn what the Bible has to say about a variety of topics, like forgiveness, healing and God's love for us.


Jesus Didn’t Practice Social Distancing

In biblical times, a strict social distancing was practiced—with people who had leprosy. They had to stay away from everybody else.


The Father’s Open Arms

Heavenly Father’s love isn’t determined by who we are or what we’ve done. Instead, he loves us because that is who he is and he shows that love by what he does.


You Have Worth!

Jesus told the story of a woman who had ten silver coins, but she lost one of them. So, she lights a lamp, sweeps her house and searches carefully until she finds it.


Carried Home

Jesus uses a picture in the Bible for believers that, admittedly, is not always complimentary.


Another Look at John 3:16

A lot of people know John 3:16. Surprisingly, however, some don’t realize it was spoken by Jesus.


A Saving Serpent

Did you know that Jesus one time compared himself to a serpent or snake?


Covered in Christ

Scripture often compares heaven to a wedding banquet. It makes sense. It is one of the most joyous occasions we know here on earth.


Which One Are You?

Jesus once told a story of two men who went to the temple to pray. Which one are you?


Are You Sick?

Are you sick? There are people in countries around the world who are struggling with the coronavirus.


His Mercy Endureth

It’s true that Scripture talks about God punishing people for not keeping his commands. But this is not his default position!

Scripture Studies

Dig deeper into the Scriptures with our daily email studies or self-paced digital downloads.


Handbook for Healing

This 4-lesson Scripture Study diagnoses the pains of life, shares their cures and provides treatment plans for what living a life of freedom, forgiveness and peace can look like for you.


Faithful & Just to Forgive

This 6-lesson Scripture Study explores what forgiveness truly means, why we need forgiveness, and the miracle of God's faithful forgiveness.


Good Words from God

Are your days full of fear, panic and stress? Our daily video encouragements bring messages of peace, hope and healing.


How Well Do You Know Your Scriptures?

Test your knowledge of the Scriptures with our 10-question Bible quiz. 



Why did Jesus come to earth? Receive a free, 5-day email devotional to help you study what the Bible has to say about Jesus as your perfect substitute. 


God's Amazing Forgiveness

How do you know if you've been forgiven? Can anyone be sure of their forgiveness? Receive a free, 5-day email devotional to help you study what the Bible has to say about God's Amazing Forgiveness!


Ultimate Love

What can you learn about love in 15 days? Receive our free 15-day Bible reading plan and email devotional all about God's Ultimate Love for us. 


Music and books to help you gain a deeper understanding of God's truth.


Adam's Road Ministry

Adam's Road is a music ministry dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song and testimony.


God—The Ultimate Humanitarian

Explore God's amazing love for humanity and learn how he is the ultimate humanitarian.


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